Dedicated - Novus Select - Nikon

The Making of Dedicated

We were thrilled to help our friends at Novus Select edit the Behind the Scenes video for their Nikon sponsored film "Dedicated" - a story about three … View

TurboTax - Intuit - Venture Visuals - VeracityColab


The inevitability of death and taxes has been well documented. Intuit has made it a bit easier on us tax-return-wise with TurboTax. We helped our … View

Santa Barbara Foundation - Venture Visuals

Santa Barbara Foundation…

The Santa Barbara Foundation (established in 1928) has been blessing the Santa Barbara community for a long time. As a result, they have many stories … View

Venture Visuals is a boutique video production company based in Santa Barbara, California. Guided by our motto “Stories Matter,” we help our clients create the stories they share with the world. Our full range of services include project conception, pre-production, production and finally full post-production – editing, color correction, motion graphics and sound design.

We’re built on a foundation of diverse backgrounds in everything from indie production to action sports cinema to big-budget Hollywood productions. In our experience, budget doesn’t always dictate production value. We know how much value is added through listening, passion and hard work.

Got a concept in mind or a project on the horizon? Bounce it off us, we’re always happy to help!

Aerials DJI Phantom 2 - Venture Visuals


We are loving the shots we're getting from the sky lately.  From Germany, France or even the hills … [Read More...]


Axia Walls…

We don't usually shoot landscape photos, but when we do, you must make them your entire wall. Our … [Read More...]

Thomas Kranzel, Principal at Venture Visuals

Thomas Kranzle // Principal

Creating has captivated Thomas since childhood, when he could always be found working on crafts, drawings, or building tree forts. That passion … [Read More...]

Scott Shiffman, Producer/Director at Venture Visuals

Scott Shiffman // Producer + Director

Scott has been fascinated by telling stories with pictures since he was a kid, and getting the chance to make a career out of it was just the icing on … [Read More...]

Chris Mundell, Creative Director at Venture Visuals

Chris Mundell // Creative Director

Chris was raised by a television, a black & white television that showed him the wonders of Kung-Fu movies and CHiP's. A true product of the TV … [Read More...]

Geoffrey Ravenhill, Business Development at Venture Visuals

Geoffrey Ravenhill // Business Development

A global adventurer, Geoffrey's creativity and passions are fueled by "doing good well". Drawn to the nexus of form, function and art, Geoffrey is … [Read More...]