We are loving the shots we’re getting from the sky lately.  From Germany, France or even the hills and beaches in our back yard, the perspective is just breathtaking when produced with care.

Axia Walls

We don’t usually shoot landscape photos, but when we do, you must make them your entire wall. Our friends at Axia just moved into their new digs.

We helped them decorate:)

Great photos,  Anna Jockisch & Tom Kranzle!


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Shooting Huckfest from the Sky!

Tom shooting trucks getting sweet air! // #huckfest #pismo #redepic #venturevisuals #temptmedia
Tom Kranzle shooting Huckfest at Pismo Beach for Tempt Media and Monster Energy Drinks

3rd Found Photo

No way! I found this shot of when Scott was a pirate with Johnny Depp.